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Charity Beneficiary This is a non-profit event. All net proceeds after prizes and expenses are for the benefit of the Arthritis Foundation of Kansas. The Arthritis Foundation holds the coveted "Top Rated" designation by Charity Watch and has been the leader in arthritis research for over 60 years. Among the many projects they currently sponsor are two important research grants at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Volunteer assistance in event management is provided by the Washburn University Chapter of the American Medical Students Association.
Title Bracelets Awarded The Tournaments will decide and crown two champions: 1) The 2008 Kansas No-Limit Texas Holdem Champion AND 2) The 2008 Kansas No-Limit Poker Champion. In addition to the two Championship Titles and Bracelets, numerous other cash and gift prizes will be awarded. Also the Final Table (Top 5 players from each tournament) will receive guaranteed seats to the 2009 Championship. See Prizes and Awards
Kansas Poker Hall of Fame Induction No other State, with the possible exception of Texas has as rich and colorful history associated with the game of poker than Kansas. And yet there has not been a new induction into the Kansas Poker Hall of Fame for many decades. The Board of Trustees and Curators of the KPHF have now declared that the two winners of the 2008 Kansas No-Limit Poker Championship will be enshrined in the KPHF alongside the very greatest historical figures in the game. You can visit the Kansas Poker Hall of Fame here.
Tournament Descriptions and Games Played The 2008 No-Limit Poker Championship consists of two tournaments: 1) No-Limit Texas Holdem AND 2) No-Limit Grand Championship. The Grand Championship is HELO-5 which is alternating rounds of Texas Holdem, Omaha (high), 5-Card stud (1 down, 4 up), and Draw Lowball (Kansas City style, deuce to 7, single draw). All contestants will be able to participate in both tournaments, and both tournaments are conducted "double elimination" style.
Can I Compete in Both Tournaments? Absolutely, the Championship is structured that way. You can compete in one or both events. All players will start the Main Event in the Texas Holdem Tournament. Upon your first bust out you will have one re-entry option ($10 re-buy). The amount of chips you will receive for re-entry is the average stack at the tournament at the time (see double elimination). If you bust out of the Texas Holdem Tournament a second time, then you can immediately join the Grand Championship (HELO-5)
Typical Qualifying Event Info, Suggested Donation and Rebuy Options

Suggested donation for qualifying events: $20. Rebuys will be available. Note that three Wild Card Rounds (Round 1a, Round 1b, and Round 1c) will precede the Main Event. These Wild Card rounds are open to all players who have not yet qualified. They will be structured ONE RE-BUY ONLY, for a fixed amount of chips. Other qualifying playoff events may have multiple re-buys as the player sees fit.

Prizes will be announced at the event based on attendance but will generally include: 1) Cash; 2) One Final Table entry ticket to the top finishers at the rate of one ticket to each of the top 8% of finishers. This is a guaranteed seat to the Dec. 13 Main Event Round 2 and is equivalent to a VIP ticket for $300 charity sponsor donation; 3) The remaining players at the last table for that evening who do not win a guaranteed Main Event seat will receive a paid donation for another qualifying event on the tournament calendar.

What is the Path to the Main Event? See also other information in other categories. Admission to the Main Event, Round Two, will be to the following: 1) those players winning seats at qualifying events; 2) The Top 15% of players from the Wild Card events  (open to all with suggested donation $20); and 3) to charity sponsors holding VIP tickets.
Schedule For the most current schedule please visit the event website at: http://poker.meetup.com/1682 Also, numerous events on the Poker Pub schedule also qualify. Visit: http://topeka.thepokerpub.com/
Eligibility Players must be at least 21 to play in any event. You need not be a resident of Kansas.
Entry and Wild Card Round Details Players may enter as many qualifying events as they wish. If you enter one playoff event and do not win a seat to the Final Tables, you can enter another event. Also, there will be three Wild Card rounds before the Main Event. The first Wild Card will be Friday evening, Dec. 12th. The 2nd and 3rd Wild Cards will be immediately preceding the Main Event on Dec. 13th, starting at high noon. These Wild Card Tournaments are open to all players. The Top 15% of players from the Wild Card will enter the Final Tables event. You may compete in all three Wild Cards if you like. The first two Wild Cards (1-A and 1-B) will be No-Limit Texas Holdem only. Wild Card 1-C will be No-Limit Mixed Games. Rounds 1-A and 1-B will qualify for BOTH tournaments of the Main Event. Round 1-C will qualify for the No-Limit Mixed Games Championship only. For the most current information on Wild Card Round locations, times, and structure, please see this link.
Games Played

All qualifying event tournaments will be Texas Holdem only. No-limit. The final event will feature two tournaments. First tournament is the Kansas No-Limit Texas Holdem Championship. The second tournament is The Kansas No-Limit Poker Grand Championship. Texas Holdem is the only game played at the first tournament. The Grand Championship features a mixed games structure with alternating rounds of no-limit texas holdem, omaha (high), draw lowball (deuce to seven), and five card stud.

When and if a player busts out of the Texas Holdem Tournament they may then join the Grand Championship Tournament. Their entry chip stack will be the average stack in play at the time they join the second tournament. This way, all players will be able to compete for both Titles. Both tournaments will be played Double Elimination, so if and when you first bust out of the Texas Holdem Championship you will be entitled to one re-entry for the then average stack in the tournament (see Double Elimination below). If you bust out from the Texas Holdem Championship for the second time you will be out of that tournament and eligible to join the Grand Championship Tournament.

Double Elimination Double elimination is one of the factors that makes this "Kansas Toughest Poker Tournament". To claim these Title Bracelets, the Champions will have had to "beat every player twice". This removes any doubt of who the real champions are. With double elimination it takes more than one bad beat or one 50-to-1 river to defeat you. This increases the skill factor and reduces the luck factor in the game.

This is how it works: During the two tournaments of the Final Event, all players will be eligible for one re-entry into each tournament (a $10 re-buy). This re-entry will be available one time upon completely busting out of chips. The re-entry amount of chips will be the then-current average stack. You started out the tournament with the same stack as the average player, and you will re-enter the tournament with the average stack. So, effectively, to win the tournament you will have to beat every player twice. Example of average stack: Initial entry is 10,000 tournament chips x 50 players. There have been 650,000 in re-entries for total chips in play of 1,150,000. There are 11 players left when you bust out for the first time, leaving 10 players. This is an average chip stack of 115,000. That will be your re-entry amount.

Title Bracelets Two Championship Titles will be decided in this tournament series: 1) The 2008 Kansas No-Limit Texas Holdem Champion and 2) The 2008 Kansas No-Limit Poker Grand Champion. Both Champions will receive their engraved Title Bracelet and Trophy along with their Title and other cash and prizes. The entire Final Table of each tournament will also be recognized, with player's pictures, in Kansas Poker News at this address: http://www.kansaspokernews.com/kansas_no-limit_poker_championship_final_table.htm
Prizes and Awards Awards at the Main Event include 1) the Kansas No-Limit Texas Holdem Champion Title and Bracelet; 2) the Kansas No-Limit Poker Grand Champion Title and Bracelet; 3) a Las Vegas travel package (3 days 2 nights) to a strip hotel (Flamingo, Harrah's, Imperial Palace, Riviera, Circus Circus or similar) and entry to a satellite tournament to an event in or satellite of the 2009 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas (not to exceed $200); 4) cash; 5) and other prizes from event sponsors. Cash awards are based on total event buy-ins. Also the Top 5 players from each Main Event tournament will receive a paid guaranteed seat to the 2009 Main Event.

Awards at qualifying events include 1) cash; 2) entry seats to the Final Tables and 3) other prizes as may be announced at the tournaments.

Questions You may post your questions on the tournament message board at: http://poker.meetup.com/1682/messages/boards/ We will do our best to answer as quickly as possible.
Poker Rules

The decision of the floor manager will always be final. General rules are consistent with but not necessarily identical to the tournament rules of the Poker Tournament Directors Association (http://www.pokertda.com) and Roberts Rules of Poker.

Terms and Conditions 1) Tournament schedules are subject to changes and additions. No guarantee is made that a schedule change will fit a particular player's schedule. 2) Main Event entry tickets and playoff paid donations are not transferable and will not be redeemed for cash by event sponsors, producers, or beneficiaries. 3) In the event of cancellation of the Main Event, only the Las Vegas travel package will be awarded by blind drawing. 4) While floor managers will make the fairest decisions they can, players accept the possibility of floor manager's errors of decision on any particular hand.